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Multiple Alarms

Set multiple alarms all at once with just one click!

Multiple Timers

Set multiple timers simultaneously


The stopwatch is fast and easy-to-use


Choose from 4 themes! Black theme is developed for OLED displays


A variety of settings! You can customize the duration of the alarm sound, snooze duration, alarm volume, upcoming alarm notifications, ringtone and vibration

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Buy the Pro version to get rid of the ads. (Pro version has no extra features at this moment)

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For years people who sleep through their alarms had to set multiple alarms every evening to be sure they would wake up. Setting up multiple alarms one by one takes a lot of your time. This is where OneClock comes in to play.

With OneClock you can set multiple alarms all at once with just one click blazing fast! In the settings menu you can chose how many alarms OneClock should set for you and what the time difference between those alarms should be. The only thing left to do is to add an alarm and choose the time in which the last alarm should go off, OneClock will automatically set multiple alarms for you!

OneClock is also a full-featured alarm clock application. With OneClock you can add multiple timers. There is also a easy-to-use stopwatch available. Don't like the colors of the application? No Problem! You can choose from up to 4 themes for the application. Choose Sea Blue if you like vibrant colors. The Red Dawn theme is there for you if you want to use sleep-activating colors. Do you have an OLED-display? The Black Void theme can help you save battery life and it's also healthy for your display. There are dozens of other settings available too. You can customize the duration of the alarm ringtone. You can choose which time picker system you wish to use. You can enable or disable vibration. Download the app to find out what OneClock can do for you!

It's also possible to use OneClock for adding only one alarm.


Want to get rid of ads?

Download OneClock Pro for an ad-free experience!

OneClock Pro also includes 3 extra exclusive themes!

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Feedback and requests are welcome! Requests for source code is by email at this moment.

Press! Ask us for a promocode for the Pro version!